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Welcome To The Fat Strawberry

This is a design site featuring resources for artists and digital creators. Here you will find seamless tiling textures in a variety of unique styles. Additionally there is a section for Brushes and another for Shapes intended for Photoshop users. All content is zipped for faster download.

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  • As a reminder, any brushes which are larger than 999 pixels are not suitable for those of you with a version of Photoshop which is older than CS2. The shapes are suitable for all Photoshop users.

    All textures, brushes and shapes on this site are subject to my license agreement which governs their re-use and re-publication. Please check this out before using my content for non-private projects! Thank you!

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    If you have questions about licensing or updates or other such matters then you can do so via the contact form:

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  • You can also access this page by clicking on my Sim avatar which graces the bottom of each page both of The Fat Strawberry, and it's sister Sims website, Parsimonious. Returning visitors will note there's now a quick access menu at the top of the page of both sites.

    News 2016

    I had spent many years putting off publishing a random collection of brushes and shapes I had put together. So much putting off has happened that I have lost a good number of them which is quite distressing to me. In spite of this I have published the remainder in the hopes that someone might find a use for them!

    To this end you will find two brand new sections, even if some of the content is rather old and dusty. A number of the brushes have been online before in a long retired earlier version of the website.

    Cookie Compliance!

    Additionally I am now up-to-date regarding the EU's laws on cookie compliance so you'll get a notice warning you about cookies. There are no cookies used by The Fat Strawberry, but the networks that provide the adverts on this site do use cookies, hence the notice is required.

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